Annamalai Moorthy

UNCOPUOS Chairperson

With an experience of over 50 MUNs in a diverse mix of committees, Annamalai Moorthy has been a prominent face in the Chennai MUN circuit and has built a tremendous reputation for himself with his incredible work ethic. A true leader, he has founded and led multiple literary, debate and MUN societies in his college days. Returning to IIST MUN for a third time, with his inimitable style, authority and knowledge, he promises an engaging and flawless committee.

Nihal Sahu

UNCOPUOS Vice Chairperson

Nihal Sahu is a B.A. LLB (Hons.) Student at the National University of Advanced Legal Studies, Kochi. He has been involved with the MUN circuits in Kerala and Chennai since 2016, as both Executive Board Member, OC Member, and Delegate. He was also Director-General of the recently concluded NUALS MUN 2019. He has written for reputed magazines and websites like the Huffington Post, Swarajya, Sitepoint Inc, as well as the East-West Anthology; and also regularly gives talks at colleges throughout Kerala and elsewhere, attempting to make complex jurisprudential principles and knotty issues of Constitutional Law intelligible to the layman. Having done significant research into international law, he focuses on legal committees and prefers committees with broad technical and policy-oriented discussions. He values conceptual clarity, research, and logic, and his favorite agendas involve the crafting of regulatory frameworks.

Aaron Alvarez

UNHRC Chairperson

Aaron Alvares is currently pursuing his BA LLB from School of law, Christ, Bangalore. Having participated in around 55 MUNs with a majority of them being in humanitarian committees, he is well versed with the basic international human rights laws humanitarian laws. MUNing has taken him through quite the journey in his life as he aspires to learn and improve from every conference he attends. When he is not busy MUNning, he plays cricket and explores his keen interest in Photography.

Sweta Sakunthala

UNHRC Vice Chairperson

An alumnus of IIST currently working at VSSC, ISRO, Swetha Sakunthala has been involved with IIST MUN since 2014, as delegate, member of the international press as well as a part of the Executive Board. She has also Vice Chaired the UNCOPUOS committee in IIST MUN 2018. Introduced to MUNs during her school days, she has been a part of the Chennai circuit and enjoys intelligent debate, and prefers sound logic and content over decibel levels.